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1) How the purchase of transcriptions on the site?

1. You make an order on the site - request

2. We send you an exact price and samples with an information for a money transfer.

3. As soon you make a transfer you send us the information for getting a transfer. (in case of Western Union system of payment)

4. We receive your transfer and send you the transcription by mail or post mail (regular mail) - on your choose.


2) How much the transcriptions?

• The price transcription for 1 pcs - 15 USD, 2 pcs - 30 USD, 3 pcs - 40 USD, 4 pcs - 50 USD ….
• If you purchase a several transcriptions  the price of one transcription will be lower.

3) How i can get my transcriptions?

• by e-mail (in PDF - it is electronic version)
• by post mail (on the paper with audio on the CD) + ~ 10 USD for shipping)

4) I'd like to purchase a transcription. How i can pay?

• We accept:
- Western Union (5 minut, transfer takes ~ 10 USD)  you can find it in any bank of your country (you need passport and information about us – write to us)
- Bank transfer (1 - 7 days, transfer can be free) – in the bank or internet
- Webmoney (5 minut) – official site
- Yandex money (5 minut) – official site (for Russian)

• We recomend a Western Union. (We can send the transcription to the same day)

You have a good chance to exchange transcriptions with us.
Write us what you have and what you'd like to have in return.


No portion of the notation available may be reproduced in any form, or by any means, without prior written permission from Piano-Transcriptions. Any materials posted that you copy, print, or download are for your personal, non-commercial use only. Users are not permitted to modify, distribute, publish, transmit or create derivative works of any material found in this section for any public or commercial purposes.

Jhon, Mike



1) piano.transcriptions@gmail.com

• YouTube: MrJazztranscriptions

• Twitter: Jazz_notes

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